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Jill Malek is a NYC-based artist and designer, specializing in boutique design packages for commercial and high-end residential interior designers and architects. Inspired by the fluctuating patterns of movement found in nature and urban landscapes, her body of work has appeared in many iconic interiors, including the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Yellow Magnolia Café, Ritz-Carlton Boston, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and Westin ballrooms worldwide. Her high-end modern designer wallcoverings can be customized, and can be shipped globally.


A glimpse of selected modern Jill Malek Wallcovering Projects + Installations.


Jill Malek's work is inspired by fluctuating patterns of frequency found in nature.


Bespoke Wallcovering Collections for Commercial + High-End Residential Interiors.


New Hand-Woven Wool + Sari Silk Kilim Rugs in a range of soft, neutral colorways.