Frequency is the measurement of a recurring event in time. The interval during which a recurring sequence of events takes place is a cycle. The world is a composition of parallel frequencies and cyclical events; the sounds of waves crashing, the phases of the moon, the seasonal migration of birds, precipitation and the water cycle, the stages of animal life, the beat of the human heart.

The very first pattern I created, FLUX, was inspired by this "frequency" of movement. I used to live across the street from a pigeon fancier in Brooklyn. Everyday at dusk, he would get on top of his rooftop and wave his hand in circles. His large collection of pigeons would follow suit and subsequently make circular dances in the sky. Each time they moved, the light would reflect off of them from the setting sun. It was magical. I became obsessed with capturing these subtle shifts of movement and scale the birds made—and so FLUX became a conceptual springboard for the work I would later develop. Today, my portfolio is largely inspired by the fluctuating patterns of frequency found in nature and urban landscapes. —JILL MALEK