Natural Dimensions, a collection of mixed media wallcoverings and rug designs by Jill Malek, is inspired by the textured layers and shifting depths of the earth.

After her mural collaboration with Rockwell Group for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was installed, Malek noticed that designers would always gravitate towards the leftover printed samples she carried with her to meetings. More specifically, they were especially drawn to the dimensional felt details that were hand-sewn by Daniel Tillman from C3 Design. “People would feel and touch the felt flowers constantly,” noted Malek, petting them as if they were little animals. It was then that she realized that she could experiment with printing on different metallic textured vinyls, and marry those prints to sewn felt to get a rich overlay of materials. In line with her ongoing fascination with undulating forms in nature, this technique is a true expression of her interest in showing shifts in scale across a surface.

The collection consists of 4 non-repeating patterns; MELT—inspired by the melting colors of the setting sun; RAINFALL—inspired by the translucent quality of pouring rain; TERRAINS —inspired by shifting landscapes, and BABYLON—inspired by the hanging lines of Willow trees. All wallcoverings are printed digitally locally, with accented felt details by Daniel Tillman. The “CRACK” killim rug is hand-woven in India with a cotton, wool, and sari silk blend. The CRACK rug is inspired by the earths shifting crevasses, and is the first of 5 kilim rugs to be launched in 2018.

Jill Malek