Jill Malek's hand-printed wallpaper requires a skilled paperhanger for a successful installation. Carefully examine all merchandise before trimming or hanging.

It is recommend to use a good quality, clear, pre-mixed vinyl adhesive, such as Roman PRO-880. Walls should be primed with a product that is compatible with the wallpaper adhesive, prior to installation. Since the condition of the walls and humidity levels may affect installations, it is recommended to test adhesives on the wallpaper prior to hanging. All adhesives must be thoroughly washed from the front of the wallpaper surface. Change the rinse water often.

It is recommended that you “book” (fold pasted sides together) and let stand for about 5 minutes. Match paper on the wall at eye level. Jill Malek is not responsible for hung material. Paper hanging charges are independent of the printing and shipping costs for this product. If you run short, please expect the standard 2-4 week time period for additional rolls.

Many steps have been taken to ensure that you receive a beautifully crafted product. Jill Malek's paper is carefully inspected before it is shipped, however since it is made by hand, machine accuracy should not be expected.